I'm a Queen and a Guardian!

Carrying steel blades in our hands, we sing a song of victory, bearing the wings of freedom upon our backs. Clenching our resolve to our hearts, we tear through the spiral of foolishness, dancing through..

With our Wings of Freedom 


barely awake


barely awake

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"O-Oh! Were you coming to see me?" The queen asked.

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"As a matter of fact I was," Tarrlok said with a smirk.

"Well… What’d you some to see me for, Tarrlok?" Eclipsa asked, getting up and walking to him.

"Yes, I came here to asked you out for dinner." he said with a grin.

~♥~ “That’d be wonderful!” Eclipsa beamed, beginning to put on the rest of her clothes. “Where will we go and what time shall I be there?”

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Eclipsa flushed as she saw the teal stick in his hand, and she looked at hers, noticing hers was the same color. "H-Hi.." She said, smiling softly, putting her glow stick up to her chest.






Your muse sees my muse at a party with the “single” glow stick around their neck, wrist, ankle, in their hand ect.. What does your muse do?


Jack was curling the glow stick in his hand, wanting to make a bracelet or a necklace or something. He looked over when he heard someone speak, wondering if they were talking to him. A smile spread across his face when he saw a girl with a teal glow stick. “Hey!”

Eclipsa took Jack’s hand and walked with him out of the room, then sitting with him outside. “This is a good place… We don’t have to hear all of the music and people making out..” She said, then sitting by him, running a hand thorough her hair. Come on… She had to say something. Start up a conversation. “Jack, do you uh… think we’d be okay together?” She asked, then slapping a hand to her face. Wow… achievement unlocked: Being a moron.


Jack tilted his head, but still smiled. “Okay together?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “What do you mean by that?” He asked, continuing to follow her. Eclipsa seemed nice enough.

Eclipsa looked at him, blushing harder. “You know what I mean..” She whispered, scooting closer until their shoulders touched. Her hand reached out for his, and she took it in her own. “Like… together..”

Jack flushed at her words, a red glow taking over his cheeks. “Ah… Um… Y-yeah.” He nodded. “We’d be okay together.” He muttered, looking down at her.

A flush of rosy red came up to her cheeks as she leaned in, quickly kissing his lips. “Why don’t we uh… get another colored glow stick?” She said, dropping the teal glow stick, then taking his hand.

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